An Interview with a Repub–I mean– Libertarian

“No action can be virtuous unless it is freely chosen.” ―Murray N. Rothbard

gary-johnsonWhat does it mean to be a Libertarian?
A libertarian seeks to maximize the freedom of all individuals and minimize coercion. It is really a synthesis of both the Democratic social policies and Republican economic policies with an emphasis on small government.

Do people often confuse Libertarians and Republicans (or assume someone is one or the other)? Why do you think that happens?
The Libertarian Party platform represents a more moderate form of libertarianism which is fairly similar to conservative Republicans that claim to value limited government. The major difference between libertarianism and conservatism would be social policies such as drug policies and gay marriage.

Do you get more negative or positive feedback on politically driven newspaper articles?
Do you wish more people would respond to your opinion pieces?
I get a lot of feedback about my articles, both positive and negative. I’m happy to see people writing rebuttal pieces and contributing their own opinions to the topics I write about. The best part of university life is the free exchange of ideas. Debate and constructive dialogue is the best way to share those opinions.

What’s one thing you would want someone with opposing political views to know?Ultimately, libertarianism is about peace. Murray Rothbard, author of For a New Liberty, introduced the non-aggression principle which is the moral stance that no one has the right to initiate the use of force on another person. For the libertarian, all forms of aggression and violence are completely illegitimate. This principle of peace echos the Golden Rule or Law of Reciprocity that transcends borders, cultures, and religions. Peace is embodied in the libertarian spirit of free exchange and market principles. Libertarianism is not so much about greed than defending the rights and liberties of all individuals everywhere.



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