Top 10 Presidential Insults

Newsflash: Presidents had been citing their differences in creative language centuries before Trump coined the term “Crooked Hillary.” In fact, since its very conception, the United Sates government has had an incredible history of insults.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

#10.10-wilsonI’m not sure what Woodrow Wilson meant by “bungalow” other than perhaps there’s not much upstairs, but however you interpret it, you’ve got to give him credit for a tactful insult.

#9. 9-coolidgeCalvin Coolidge took a more direct approach to calling out Herbert Hoover. There’s not much worse in politics than speaking out of turn to people who disagree with you.

#8. 8-cilntonBill Clinton begins his statement with an observation that would seem rather benign, until he adds that dagger in at the end and proves popular opinion can be your greatest critic.

#7. 7-trumanHarry Truman used the age-old adage “cleanliness is next to godliness” when he attacked Dwight Eisenhower and proved that any good insult usually includes a gritty comparison.

#6. 6-johnsonLyndon B. Johnson really knew how to deliver a back-handed compliment and this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of him.  He must’ve kept ice on stand-by the way he was delivering burns.

#5. 5-eisenhowerDwight Eisenhower was throwing shade long before Mariah said she didn’t know JLo.  The easiest way to prove someone isn’t worth your time is to forget they even existed.

#4. 4-rooseveltTheodore Roosevelt, historically a real man’s man, emasculates and dehumanizes McKinley while thinking about dessert.  That’s true insulting talent.

#3.3-ford-copyGerald Ford was making fun of fake tans 30-something years before Jersey Shore aired. Oddly enough this insult stands the test of time because let’s face it: no one wants to be compared to an Oompa Loompa.

#2. 3-jeffersonFor anyone who thought presidents invented political correctness, take a look at Thomas Jefferson here. The truth is, differences in politics have spawned some of the nastiest insults, injuries and personal vendettas in history.

#1. 1-johnson-copyLBJ made the list twice because he was a straight savage. I urge anyone who is interested in the lighter side of politics to look up some more of his statements (which could not be included for the sake of academic integrity). Johnson was the original Donald Trump tweet, @ing anyone and everyone he disagreed with–especially Ford.


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