Executive Actions or How Trump Became a Meme His First Week

There are three types of executive actions and each has different authority and effects.

donald-trump-meme1). An executive order is assigned a number and published in the federal register–similar to laws passed by Congress. Usually executive orders are a new policy or directive for the executive branch.

2). A presidential memorandum does not have to be published or numbered (but that doesn’t mean they can’t be).  Typically memoranda are used to delegate tasks Congress has assigned the president to other members of the executive branch.

3). Proclamations are mostly ceremonial observances of federal holidays and awareness months.  There are some exceptions to the rule like Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Here’s an interactive calendar of executive actions Trump has taken so far:

Jan 20: Presidential Proclamation- National Day of Patriotic Devotion

Jan 20: Presidential Memorandum- Reince’s regulatory freeze

Jan 20: Executive Order- Declaring Trump’s intention to repeal the Affordable Care Act

Jan 23: Presidential Memorandum- Out of the TPP

Jan 23: Presidential Memorandum- Hiring Freeze

Jan 23: Presidential Memorandum- Reinstating the ‘Mexico City policy

Jan 24: Presidential Memorandum- Reduce regulations for US manufacturing

Jan 24: 3 Presidential Memoranda- Approving pipelines

Jan 24: Executive Order- Expediting environmental review for infrastructure projects

Jan 25: Executive Order- Cutting funding for sanctuary cities

Jan 26: Executive Order- The Wall

Jan 26: Presidential Proclamation- National School Choice Week

Jan 27: Presidential Memorandum- ‘Rebuilding‘ the military

Jan 27: Executive Order- Immigration Ban

Jan 28: Presidential Memorandum- Defeating ISIS

Jan 28: Presidential Memorandum- Reorganizing the National and Homeland Security Councils

Jan 28: Executive Order- Drain the swamp

Jan 30: Executive Order- For every new regulation posed, repeal two existing ones

Feb 2: Presidential proclamation- American Heart Month

Feb 3: Presidential Memorandum- Reviewing the fiduciary duty rule

Feb 3: Executive Order- Reviewing Wall Street regulations

Feb 9: Executive Order- Protecting law enforcement

Feb 9: Executive Order- Reducing crime

Feb 9: Executive Order- Combating criminal organizations



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