Ask Me Again If I Voted For Trump

Why is that the only question I get on a daily basis?  Why is it almost always followed by beratement, accusations or utter disdain?

Trump has started a war on journalism and free speech, they tell me, as I sit patiently, waiting for them to stop talking, so maybe I can answer the first question.  Trump’s travel bans and proposed immigration laws are racist.  Trump is taking away your reproductive rights. How can you justify that?

I could take the easy way out and tell you the truth: I didn’t vote for Trump, but that isn’t going to change any of your perceptions about me or my political party.  Instead, I’m going to offer you some more beneficial alternatives:

You could ask me what it’s like to be a moderate, a woman, and the leader of College Republicans, because–let me tell you–that has culminated into some rather interesting conflicts in my life.

You could ask me what I think of Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer’s techniques as spokespeople for the Trump administration, because I am both appalled and amazed at their tactics.

You could ask me if it’s difficult to be in a major (and potential future career) in which an overwhelming majority has decided to turn the word “Republican” into an insult that combines racist, bigot and murderer in one convenient package.

You could ask me my opinions on immigration, being the grandchild of immigrants.

You could ask me something completely unrelated like if I have more dominant or recessive traits, and I’ll be like: well, I can roll my tongue and  I have a freckles and a widow’s peak but I also have green eyes and light colored hair and ten fingers so…

Don’t get me wrong: I love questions, and please never stop asking them, but I wish more people would start asking the right questions.  The point is, there are two different ways we can continue in this country. We can fight with each other, or we can learn from each other. I for one, am a believer in the power of people–not government.

So protest and boycott and advocate and liberate and communicate with one another, but if you are so concerned with the hate you see in the world, then why are you spreading more of it?  Two wrongs do not make a right. They create more injustice and alienate more people who just continue the vicious cycle.

Imagine for a second, if we could stop attacking one another and work together…we could be like one nation that’s indivisible and has liberty and justice for all.



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