The Real Housewives of D.C.

lady-adamsAbigail Adams

Abby Adams: Queen Bee. The first woman to be both a president’s wife and mother to a president.  I was the first to live in the White House, and because of my extensive political knowledge and sharp tongue, I won the title “Mrs. President.” John and I were married for 54 years, making us the fourth longest married first couple in U.S. history.
lady-lincolnMary Lincoln

Mary here, I may have been the shortest first lady, but just like my husband, I had high expectations. I was the first to be attacked in the press for my lavish purchases during wartime. I actually made the papers a lot during my husband’s presidency as a supporter for the abolition of slavery.  Also, I was the first to hold a seance in the White House, which is the only way to contact that mummy Abby Adams.


lady-wilsonEdith Wilson

I’m Edith, and before marrying Woodrow, I had my own car I drove all around D.C. in. In 1919, when Woody suffered a severe stroke, I took over all decisions about who would be allowed to see him and what matters of state would be presented to him. Abby may have been called “Mrs. President,” but for all intents and purposes I WAS president. And if anybody is royalty it’s me: direct descendant of American Indian princess Pocahontas.

Louise (Lou) Hoover

Lou Hoover here and I’ll be setting some precedents. Like when I was the first woman in the United States to receive a bachelor’s degree in geology in 1898. As First Lady, I was also the first to speak on the radio.  And if you don’t understand what I’m saying I can explain it another way: I’m fluent in five languages.



lady-rooseveltEleanor Roosevelt

Monday through Friday for 26 years I wrote a newspaper column titled “My Day” because people were interested in my personal life and political ideas. In short, I was the first First Lady blogger. Despite controversy, I openly fought for racial justice and equality during my husband’s twelve year presidency. And if you still don’t believe I’m not a woman to be messed with, you should know I refused protection of the Secret Service and learned to shoot with my own pistol.



Maybe it’s not so bad being a “housewife.”



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